Papuan farmer dies after alleged police assault at palm oil company (22.05.2020)

Activists in the Indonesian province of Papua are demanding an investigation into the death of an indigenous man who was reportedly assaulted by a police officer after complaining about his farm being cleared by a major palm oil company.

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If one ape in the forest is infected, a whole population could be wiped out, experts say. So orangutans in Indonesia’s rehabilitation centers are staying where they are.

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Why Is Palm Oil Such a Problem Now? (30.04.2020)

Palm oil has revolutionized the way we produce a variety of foods and cosmetics. But most people are unaware of how destructive this “magical ingredient” is to the natural environment.

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Palm Oil Deforestation: A Threat to Orangutan Populations, Indigenous People and Biodiversity (27.04.2020)

The California fires in November 2018 were more severe than ever and yet – the amount of forest that was lost in the combined fires makes up only a fraction of Indonesian forest that is burned every year in slash-and-burn practices to clear palm oil plantations.

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Palm oil giant Wilmar quits High Carbon Stock Approach citing governance issues (03.04.2020)

The world’s largest palm oil trader says a failure to fairly review an objection to its co-chairing the HCSA prompted its resignation. Greenpeace suspects that Wilmar is quitting to avoid close scrutiny of its no-deforestation commitments.

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Laser scans have revealed something strange at the edge of the rainforest (31.03.2020)

Trees at the edges of forests store 22 percent less carbon than trees inside forests, and the effect extends more than 100 meters into the forest, finds a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Orangutan Who Witnessed Mother’s Death Aged Three Has Baby Of Her Own (29.03.2020)

A young orangutan who witnessed her mother being tortured to death has now given birth to her own baby after a long and difficult journey back to the wild.

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New player starts clearing rainforest in world’s biggest oil palm project (24.03.2020)

A new company has begun clearing rainforest in an area of Indonesia’s easternmost Papua province earmarked to become the world’s largest oil palm plantation, in a vast project that has been mired in allegations of lawbreaking.

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Scientists call for independent review of dam project in orangutan habitat (24.03.2020)

Critics and supporters of a dam that threatens the only known population of Tapanuli orangutans are at loggerheads over whether to carry out an independent scientific study of the project’s impact.

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Palm oil firm has farmers jailed for harvesting from land it stole from them (17.03.2020)

Police in Indonesia have jailed three indigenous farmers for allegedly stealing oil palm fruit from a plantation company that is itself accused of stealing their land.

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Bill Gates just invested in this company that grows palm oil in a lab - not the rain forest (03.03.2020)

The destruction of rain forest to make room for more palm oil production is one of the leading causes of climate change. C16 Biosciences wants to offer companies another source.

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Call for prosecution of Indonesian politician who kept baby orangutan as pet (26.02.2020)

Conservation and wildlife activists have called on Indonesian authorities to press criminal charges against a local politician found to have kept a threatened baby orangutan as a pet.

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Indonesia shares blame for rising seas (22.02.2020)

It is customary to blame the developed world for creating climate change after centuries of putting profits before environmental concerns.

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Machine lubricants threaten sales of edible palm oil (19.02.2020)

European food makers are asking for less hydrocarbon contaminants in palm oil, raising costs for producers.

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Burning and bullets: Forest fires push Bornean orangutans into harm’s way (18.02.2020)

As the forests of Indonesian Borneo burned during fires last year, a female orangutan was forced to leave her burning home. When she was rescued from a small farm, experts found signs of recent pregnancy and wounds on her body.

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‘To curb deforestation in the long-term, break the link between politics and palm oil’ (03.02.2020)

Tom Johnson of The Gecko Project warns that truly sustainable palm oil in Indonesia may be out of reach without confronting corruption, undue influence and abuse of power.

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Dam that threatens orangutan habitat is ‘wholly unnecessary’: Report

Proponents of a hydropower plant to be built in the only known habitat of a critically endangered orangutan species say it’s important for meeting the future energy needs of northern Sumatra. But a new report says this region of Indonesia is already almost fully electrified, and that the new plant will do virtually nothing to improve that.

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Indonesia forest fires push orangutans into starvation mode, study finds (24.01.2020)

The fires that raze vast swaths of Indonesian Borneo every year are having a lasting health impact on the region’s critically endangered orangutans that threatens them with extinction, a preliminary study has found.

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Research shows potential for zero-deforestation pledges to protect wildlife in oil palm (21.01.2020)

New research has found that environmental efforts aimed at eliminating deforestation from oil palm production have the potential to benefit vulnerable tropical mammals.

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Mt. Leuser park rangers save two young orangutans from smuggler (10.01.2020)

Rangers from Mount Leuser National Park have rescued two juvenile Sumatran orangutans from a poacher who allegedly planned to sell the critically endangered apes on the black market.

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Dodgy science and corporate concessions in Indonesia’s bid for clean palm oil (17.12.2019)

Indonesia has launched a campaign that government officials say should boost the reputation of the country’s palm oil industry, even as activists and experts warn it could make the industry even less sustainable.

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Secrets of orangutan language revealed (09.12.2020)

In the first in-depth study of gestures amongwild orangutans, University of Exeter scientists identified 11 vocal signals and 21physical "gesture types".

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Indonesian court fines palm oil firm $18.5m over forest fires in 2015 (28.10.2019)

A court in Indonesia has ordered palm oil company PT Arjuna Utama Sawit to pay the equivalent of $18.6 million in fines and damages for fires on its land in Borneo in 2015, in the latest instance of a zero-tolerance enforcement approach against concession holders.

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Shocking: Rat-eating Monkeys Discovered in Malaysia (24.10.2019)

Monkeys that swarm on palm oil plantation in Malaysia were observed to be indulging in rats, according to the recent report published by Current Biology on October 21.

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Could This Tree Be An Eco-Friendly Way To Wean Indonesian Farmers Off Palm Oil? (20.10.2019)

A few times a month, Marhana leaves the village of Krui in southern Sumatra and journeys deep into the woods. Then she finds a tree, lined with triangular holes, each hole dripping with crystalized sap.

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Letter To the Consumer Goods Forum (23.09.2019)

As the world watches the Amazon and Indonesia burn in horror, hundreds of companies in the Consumer Goods Forum stand to miss the 2020 deadline to cut deforestation out of supply chains. In a broad coalition of international NGOs we demand real action amid the climate crisis: 

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Indonesia rescues captive orangutans, but leaves their owners untouched (08.02.2019)

"Authorities in Indonesia have confiscated two juvenile Sumatran orangutans, a critically endangered species, being kept as pets."

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