New trees for the rain forest

Since 2011 Orang-Utans in Not e.V. has been financially supporting the reforestation of damaged areas in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve in Central Kalimantan Province, Borneo. The former logging area comprises 76,040 hectares of protected peat swamp forest and is now home to relocated and released orangutans, the latter mostly coming from the Orang Utan Care Center & Quarantine facility in Pasir Panjang.

The Lamandau reforestation project is coordinated by the Orangutan Foundation UK. For several years, the project has been financially supported by Wilhelma Stuttgart via our organization.

Baumschule in Indonesien

In addition to the reforestation of degraded area, planting of local fruit trees within the reserve is also being undertaken to increase food quantity and diversity for orangutans and other species; this is termed "enrichment planting".


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