Montana has been living in the sanctuary since April 1996. His mother was shot and eaten. On his arrival he was frightened and traumatized. Bullets were found in his body and it is thought that he was wounded when his mother was killed. He probably also fell with her from a tree, because the right side of his body was crippled and partly paralyzed. Additionally he is blind in the left eye.

Since arriving he has grown large and strong and has developed cheek pads. He doesn’t get on well with other males but he’s a very gentle orangutan. A reintroduction into the forest is not possible, but fortunately Montana is enjoying a big outside enclosure which he shares with three females. These were confiscated in Thailand and cannot be reintroduced into the wild either.


Esri came to the OCCQ in January 2006 at about the age of 10. She was found on the island of Madura (north of Java) and it’s not known how she got there. Her left arm was mutilated at the elbow and her eyesight is very poor due to cataracts in both eyes. In the sanctuary she adopted an orangutan infant, but he died soon after. In spite of her handicap she is a good climber, although when she first arrived she didn’t know how to build nests, and therefore it can be assumed that she had been held in a private household.
In 2013 the cataracts in her eyes were removed surgically so that Esri now is able to see again. Because of her handicap, however, Esri can’t be reintroduced easily into the wild and needs additional care and enrichment.


Kristen was confiscated in a brothel in August 1996 at about the age of 7. Since then she has been reintroduced into the forest twice but both times returned pregnant and refused to accept her babies when they were born. Kristen builds her nests on the ground and prefers to be fed. A reintroduction therefore is problematic.

Kristen is not only beautiful but also highly intelligent and again and again astounds her caretakers. It seems she prefers human companionship to that of other orangutans. Although she shares her enclosure with Esri, she needs additional care and enrichment.

Good news:
Kristen has been successfully released into the wild in 2011!

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