Our orangutans on Sumatra

Little Lily

Little Lily was confiscated from a private household in Northern Sumatra at the age of about nine months. On arrival she was dehydrated and an air rifle bullet had to be surgically removed from her right hand. Most probably her mother was shot. Athough Little Lily is used to people, she is frightened easily when somebody gets to close. However, she feels very comfortable in her baby group and becomes more curious every day.

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Patentier Little Lily

It's done!
A warm thank-you to Little Lily's foster parents!


Siboy was confiscated from a private household in April 2014. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated. Siboy has adjusted well to life in the sanctuary. He is a very active and playful little orangutan who loves to climb and to eat fruit.

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Patentier Siboy

Bina Wana

Bina Wana means „guardian of the forest“. And we hope that this is what the little orangutan girl will become one day. Bina Wana arrived at the clinic in December 2014 at the age of only nine month. She was malnourished, dehydrated and her nose had been injured by a machete. Thanks to the care of the SOCP staff, Bina Wana has turned into a healthy, active and self-confident orangutan.

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Patentier Bina Wana

It's done!
A warm thank-you to Bina Wana's foster parents!


Seumayam is a young and wild male orangutan from the Swamp Tripa area.  His condition was miserable when he was confiscated in 2012 as he was kept by villagers for 10 days. He suffered from dehydration and was wounded by chains that were used to tie him. His left forearm had to be amputated. Today he is doing well, and he is even dominant to the other young orangutans that were released together with him in Jantho.

Good news:

The monitoring team has not seen Seumayam for some time. He seems to have found his own territory outside the monitoring area. The reintroduction thus appears to have been successful at the second attempt.

Patentier Seumayam


Bahruni is around 10 years old and was captured by villagers from a palm oil plantation. He was injured on his right leg so that a surgery on his damaged Achilles tendon was necessary. He is now able to use his leg normally and was reintroduced into the wild at Pinus Jantho Reserve in the summer of 2013. Bahruni stays mostly in the tree canopee and builds his sleeping nests there as well. He seems to have left behind his time with humans and to become a wild orangutan again. We are very happy about this!

Good news:

The monitoring team has not seen Bahruni for several months. This suggests that he has found his own territory outside the monitoring area. The reintroduction thus seems to have gone well. We are thrilled!

Patentier Bahruni


Dolly was found as a baby close to her dead mother in the forest. Then she was kept as pet for three years. In that time she was tied with a chain. This is probably the reason why she liked to play on the ground. Dolly was 4 years old and in a bad health condition when she was confiscated in 2011. Today she is doing well and she likes to play. She hardly plays on the ground anymore especially after Seumayam arrived there. Both climb in the trees together. Thus, Dolly has learned to behave like a normal orangutan.

Good news:

Dolly has left the monitoring area and seems to have found a new home. Her reintroduction thus appears to have been successful. We are grateful to the monitoring team for their efforts!

Patentier Dolly

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