What you should know about orangutans: who are they and why are they threatened?

Orangutan facts

Orangutans belong to the great apes. Weighing up to 120 kg (males) and 50 kg (females), they are the world’s heaviest arboreal animals. And they are as much dependent on the rainforest as the rainforest is dependent on them. More...


There are estimates that in about 30 year’s time all rainforests worldwide will be destroyed. As rainforest inhabitants, orangutans are directly affected by this. In Indonesia there are several reasons for deforestation. More...

Palm oil

A far greater danger comes from the palm oil industry. Over 85% of the palm oil traded worldwide comes from Indonesia. Palm oil is an important raw material for the production of food (margarine, peanut butter, etc.), cosmetics candles, laundry detergents, and bio fuels. Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of oil palms. More...

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