Orangutan release site in Jantho (Sumatra)

Since 2011 Orang-Utans in Not e.V. has been active on the island of Sumatra and financially supporting an orangutan release site in the Pinus Jantho Nature Reserve in Aceh Province, to the very north of the island.

The area does not contain a wild orangutan population but its altitude as well as its vegetation are an ideal orangutan habitat.

Enclosures of the reintroduction station.
A river coursing flowing the rainforest. The picture was taken from the water, the rainforest stretches left and right.

The site is run by the Swiss organisation PanEco and was opened in January 2011. So far, around 140 orangutans could be released there. They had lost their habitat due to logging for more oil palm plantations. Other orangutans, confiscated from private households, are currently being prepared for release.

Wooden houses at the reintroduction station.
An orangutan climbing up a trunk.

More information about reintroduction is provided by our Swiss partner PanEco and in some videos (YouTube).

An overview about the process of the orangutan reintroduction given by the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

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