Orangutan Haven

Drone picture of the Orangutan Haven on Sumatra, including the Orangutan Haven logo.

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, a facility is being built which will be unique in the world: the “Orangutan Haven”. It is a “haven” because it provides a home for orangutans that cannot be released into the wild due to severe disability or illness. On green islands with trees, ropes and nesting platforms, the orangutans can spend their remaining years in dignity. The first residents have now moved into their new home.

The photos show the male orangutan Leuser. (Image Rights: Orangutan Haven_Salvadora Bakkara)

But the Orangutan Haven is much more: It is also an educational center, designed to sensitize people from Indonesia and other countries to the threat to the rainforest, to impart knowledge about biodiversity and climate change, and to show individuals how to live in a sustainable way.

We have been supporting this project of our Swiss partner “Stiftung PanEco” since 2017.

Environmental education

School classes can already visit the Orangutan Haven and learn more about the rainforest ecosystem through various interesting activities. On nature trails with information stations, the students can walk through the rainforest and learn a lot of fascinating facts about its importance for biodiversity and the climate.


There are also training courses, for farmers to learn about the advantages of organic farming methods. For this purpose, a team of local farmers produce organic vegetables, among other things, in the Orangutan Haven. Seedlings for agriculture and landscaping are also grown there.

Bamboo as a sustainable building material

Bamboo is the building material of choice for sustainable construction. A qualified team of bamboo carpenters take care of the construction of bamboo buildings at the Haven and run a bamboo workshop.

Plans for the future

Educational opportunities on site will be expanded. In addition, the Orangutan Haven will be integrated into the curriculum of Indonesian schools and into the internship programs of the University of North Sumatra (Medan).

The picture carousel and this video show the completed areas of the Orangutan Haven.

A major contribution is provided by “Deutsche Postcode Lotterie“.

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Male orangutan Leuser sits on a platform on his island in Orangutan Haven.
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